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's get right to it. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, jonas max ferris and along with todd schoenburger. >> gary get rid of the debt ceiling best or worst thing for the economy? >> it's absolutely the worst thing, brenda. the left likes to say, well, you know, ronald reagan raised the debt limit 18 times, george bush raised it 7 times, bill clinton raised it 8 times. so, you know, both sides do it so it must be okay, and from the perspective of fair and balanced, it has to stop no matter who is president. we go through the same cycle, we raise the debt limit, spend more,en go out and borrow more, and raise the debt limit again and it looks like it's unstoppable, but this is the check and balance of how t govern our society. we can't afford the bills we have now to pay. someone has to say, no, spend what you have and let's move on. >> brenda: you know, it doesn't really mean anything. why not get rid of it. it's been used for political hay, both parties have made political hay out of it. >> that's right, every 18 months we're going through an economic crisis and here we have
smith, tobin smith, jonas max ferris along with walker stableton and steffen, gary b. it turns out not just the rich, but the payroll tax hike smacking just about all workers, will it smack the economy next? >> i don't see how it can't, brenda. the person in tt little clip summed it up perfectly. it makes a little bit of a difference and a little bit of a difference times a few hundred million people makes a big difference. it's already been studied by economists, they predict 4 to 500,000 jobs lost, 1/2% lopped off the the gdp. if you look around the studio there, everyone that gets a paycheck, like they said in that little clip, sees less he money. that's less money they were going to spend on groceries, at the drug store, the gas station and that money gets sucked out of the economy, so do jobs. >> brenda: well, now, this does hit lower and middle class americans harder because there is a limit to the amount of income that is taxed. but toby, do you think the higher income americans can make up the spending? >> well, yes. and the fact is, whether this sounds fair or not fair, he
for hiring, are they right or wrong? horr here they are the bulls and bears, toby, jonas max ferris, and gary b smith. and john, you say this gave the green light for new jobs? >> absolutely. look what happened in 1947. we had 5 million americans on strike and the taft-hartley act enacted despite president truman objections and led returning soldiers to one of the biggest economic booms the country had. and the president got his hand caught in the cookie jars and appointing czars and going around congress, we need jobs and this certainly helps with that. we don't need to worry about unions right now, we need jobs, this is putting the cart before the horse. >> brenda: the idea here, caroline, more regulation and federal interference in the private workplace means fewer jobs, do you buy that? >> not at all. when you look at what unions have done for us, over the years, getting rid of the 16 hour work week, they gave us weekends, and safer workplace environment, and as the unions-- >> well, that was a long time ago, a while back. >> that's true, but let's talk today. the fact that we had union b
with one point jonas made, no one can disagree that stimulus spending creates jobs. we're all in agreement about that. the real question, is that dollar better spent by the government or is it spent-- better spent by the private sector? look, this has been studied and the multiplier, essentially, what does a dollar create in the gdp? the multiplier for government spending, stimulus spending is .64, that means every dollar you and i, brenda, give to the government and for our taxes, only raises gdp 64 cents. it says right there, no matter if you think it's great to have wind farms or hollywood producers getting breaks, the money is spent inefficiently, it's much better spent as gary k points out, in the private sector, that's why we could spend all the money we want on stimulus, it's not going to create as many jobs as if you and i had spent it ourselves. >> caroline, that's called basically crowding out, it's an economic term. the bottom line is if the government spends the money there won't be as much in the private sector, it's crowding is out. do you see this as a problem for the the la
, tobin smith. jonas m ferris and gary and caroline. welcome to everybody. gary k, the year is one week old and congress passing billions of new pork and you say bad sign for jobs in the newyear. why is that? >> could have,look, it never ends. 430 million dollars for hollywood producers so they do movies in the u.s. versus other places? that's crazy. look, when you continue to raise spending it ends up being a tax on the economy, it keeps the headwinds on the economy, still at 7.8%, if you add in the people that came out of the work force we're more like at 11. it does nothing for nobody because government is inefficie inefficient, there is no profit motive and the inefficiencies because of that does notng for the economy going forward. >> brenda: jonas, doesn't it do something? might create some jobs create those electric motor scooters you love so much? >> and it's not just hollywood. you can make the case in the long run, running up the deficit can cause a fiscal collapse and crisis that could lead to major recession, but in the short run, jobs 2013, giving the tax credit to make mov
%. >> brenda: jonas bull or bear. >> bear. >> brenda: your prediction. >> i was watching videos of the driverless cars going through things and japanese find the cracken, good for the japanese stock market. >> brenda: toby, bull or bear. >> the only squid that bleeds red ink, jonas, okay. >> brenda: neil, you're next. >> neil: well, if d.c.'s money watch dog gets it, and this gal gets it, then why can't lawmakers just get with it? how everyone, i'm neil cavuto and call her the money honey. who would have thought that honey boo boo would have phenomenal advice for washington. do you know her mom is stashing away all of her kids cash in an untouchable trust fund until they turn 21. now from the honey to the hills, where the cbo is hearing a lot of oh no's on the way to the latest spending plan to cut spending which isn't cutting anything. reduced spending for nonagencies, annually and you could save 932 billion dollars over ten years. that's slicing 1% off the planned growth. slash the growth in funding for the department of defense, and the cbo says that 1% will 862 billion in sa
>> predictions and jonas, you're up. >> the math of double digit slide. apple this week i think is the end of the collapse of apple, and the 25% increase. >> brenda: toby has to say. >> a little more. >> brenda: gary b. >> rim, 40% plus in a year? john, you like blackberry maker. >> i like gary, i don't think that he's a dinosaur, but i think that rim. >> brenda: your prediction, john. >> sea drill, and. >> brenda: jonas bull or bear? >> bear. >> brenda: toby. >> the lawmakers do the budget, no pay. forget this, how about a budget, use quick books, quicken up 25% the end. year. >> brenda: gary b, what do you think about that. >> love the product not the stock, bear. on business is going to, be a great show! stay tuned. >> ready, set, punt. because if there's anything lawmakers know about is kicking and running. hello, everyone, i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. forget about hail mary, it's more like what the hell, extending the debt limit for nearly four months and democratic expected to dot same next week, why congress will never make the tough decisions dealing with debt.
years, own them, hold them. i think up 30%. >> brenda: jonas, bull or bear? >> bear on the pork recipient. >> brenda: gary k your prediction. >> love the autos, car max business is great. i think 25% in the next year, stock acting really well. >> brenda: gary b, bull or bear. i think it it needs a pullback, bearish. >> brenda: and jonas. >> i can't take this all right now. they're useless without verizon, super cool and. >> brenda: gary b, bull or bear. >> slow growth, boring, not for me, bearish. >> brenda: well you talk about cool wi jonas, you do, you're the gadget guru. you know who is cool? p in five, four... be shohowing >> all right. you know we've got a brand new congress, but it's essentially the same old government only bigger and getting much bigger and we don't seem to much care, do we? hi, everyone and happy weekend, i'm neil cavuto you want more vernment and well, you're going to have to put up more dough bause the deal transcending ended up only increasing spending. by now you know the score, it didn't cut a thing and let me cut to the chase. a lot more than ju
he killed lisa bayle. what's his motive? jonas: mark andric... yeah, lisa knew him... she spent a lot of time with him because she volunteered at the high school. they worked together on a school history project of some sort. now, jonas, i know how hard this is for you. it's not easy for me to ask, but... you want to know did i suspect there was something going on between them. yeah. yes, i did... though i wasn't sure. i don't understand. i mean, why didn't you tell me that before? didn't you think the possibility that she was having an affair might be connected to her death in some way? look, first off, i was your chief suspect. if you knew that i thought she was having an affair, that would have convinced you i was guilty. anyway, almost immediately, you arrested cliff howard, and he confessed. okay... this is my last difficult question. lisa was three months pregnant at the time. i don't think the baby was mine. but after she died... ( sighs ) i didn't want to dwell on it. and it didn't seem to have anything to do with why she died. do you think now that it did? yeah, i do. the eye
additional public comment? ijohn jonas, might be one on the rail there. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is pat tura, and i am the president of the duboce triangle neighborhood association. dtna has been involved in this project for close to seven years. in 2007 the market octavia rezoning historical survey was done. in 2008 the proposed duboce park landmark district was identified and documented as eligible for the national register. in 2011, it was added to the landmark designation work program. the planning staff has done an excellent job in frameworking and doing the due diligence in working with the community to identify the value of this historical resource. they worked at the request of really come to honor and to codify this historic resource there. as peter said, in this area is found one of the largest concentrations of intact historical buildings anywhere in the city. reason to phase and preserve these buildings. it was at the request of the neighborhood that supervisor wiener worked to amend the mills act to better understand the workings of that act and how it could be
the stock is going to make a major move up. >> brenda: and jonas. >> it's bear. >> brenda: and today, prediction. >> go big on baltimore and the ravens. look at mccormick, the spice company, 50% in a year. >> brenda: gary b, spice unit for you? >> no, not, not at all. i don't like it. >> brenda: and tobin? >> don't get catfished for crying outloud. buy google, use google to get a picture and show who the person is. up 20%, don't be catfished. >> brenda: todd, bull or bear. >> i'm a bear, i like yahoo! they're gaining market share. >> brenda: you don't have to go on google. search for the best business block on tv because it continues in three, two, one. one... >> all right. the latest message from unions, kids, take a hike. is it any wonder some are telling union workers to do the same. welcome, i'm neil cavuto and fox on top of union barking the base, and new york city bus driver training 150,000 kids, and boeing engineers union, threatening to strike, not good timing, and the dreamliner keeps striking out. apparently also striking out union jobs. a new report showing nonunion manu
. jonas can confirm that. >> okay. >> what don't you like about it? >> no. i just don't like mergers. >> okay. so as a policy matter of principle. >> okay. >> . got t i am with you today. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah, i think this is a total waste of time. i am not supportive of a continuance. it's a gentleman with a family. he just wants to make his space more liveable and this is what drives people out of san francisco is the stupid policy and dr's work this way. you need four votes and deny the project sponsor the project and if that doesn't happen you have the right to continue it afterwards so since the continuance has to be heard first and his interpretation and i think he's right because it's been already made but if the continuance is not granted we can consider it today and save ourselves and this gentleman -- >> i will withdraw the continuance. >> okay. >> okay. then the motion -- >> commissioner moore has a comment. >> i would like -- we have one registered architect here mr. jocelyn. i would like to ask you with the building designed in 61 what type of drawings
inform coming days, weeks, and months. we've also got jonas here and mad di. okay, explap. >> obama, such a good campaigner, but a terrible president because everybody's going to be taxed across. neil: you don't like the president? >> i don't. it's bad to have a tax code that's progressive since carter. it's not good for us, because, of course, we're not bringing the revenue, can't sustain it, and we're going to be sinking. it's serious. the deductions, while that would be a tax, and obamacare, that's a huge tax, and small businesses are just being crushed. it's not working because not just the rich, but everyone is getting whacked across the board. that was not what he campaigned on. neil: you talk to accountants, and it was probably saying a lot about me that at lot i my friends are accountants, that they crunched numbers for me and came up with that 45% figure once you factor in removed deductions or limited deductions so if i'm hearing talks that nancy pelosi and others are not done taxes, but want to move after the rich more, climbing over 50% is not a big leap, and leaving it
new investment opportunity. jeff jonas, portfolio manager at gamco investments or gabelli. good to see you. >> great to be on. liz: people are negative in many ways with obamacare but you distilled a whole bunch of names that could do nicely even under the new rules and regulations. how do you decide what sectors look good? >> for the sector it is $1.7 in new spending. hca and tenet are benefiting from strong flu season and some recovery and in their bad debt but as we go into 2014 they will see significant reductions in charity care and increases in volume. liz: if you look at tenet health care over the past year, up 71%. hca, not a bad 41% gain. i guess what comes to my mind can those numbers be repeated even with so many millions being added to the insurance rolls? can we see that kind of move on the chart again this year? >> both companies are benefiting from the debt markets being wide open. tenet is underlevered. they levered up to buy back over 30% of their stock. hca has done the same to pay special dividends to all their shareholders. now you see the volume gains. these compan
. >> this weakened on news maker, betty staton now -- debbie. jonas here on c-span -- join us here on c-span2 >> with a lot about their coverage, it is very thorough. -- what i like about c-span, it is a very thorough. the debates on the floor and the hearings that you cover for subcommittees and major committee hearings. >> she watches c-span on comcast. c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979, brought to you as a public service by your television provider. >> next, a look at how data analysis helps public health and safety. speakers include the key to digital officer in new york city. is is part of the world in 2013 festival at new york university, hosted by the economist magazine. it is about 25 minutes. >> welcome back. i wanted to introduce this session. we have been hearing about data and how it is an increasingly powerful force in our lives. we will talk exactly about that. the are looking forward to a lively debate. the first speaker is the honorable shirley jackson. the president a wrestler polytechnic institute -- of renselar polytechnic institute. [applause] >> midafte
under your director's report, item 5, director's announcements. >> thank you, jonas. good afternoon, commissioners, and happy new year formally. just to let you know, that last week marked my five-year anniversary in this position. and if you'll indulge me next week i do have a few thoughts i'd like to share with you about that milestone and about the lessons learned in the last five years and i'll do that next week. for today i just wanted to give you a couple of announcements. some upcoming public meetings this coming week, actually. saturday there is a public scoping meeting on the sunnydale hope sf master plan for the e-i-r. that's happening this saturday the 12th at 10:00 a.m. at the sunnydale community room 16 52 sunnydale avenue. also saturday there is a community meeting on the visitacion valley [speaker not understood] project. that's saturday the 12th at noon at the [speaker not understood] learning center at 401 tunnel avenue. that's a meeting -- there's been a series of meetings with the neighborhood to talk about how to move forward with that plan. so, that one is happe
authorization. >> good afternoon, president fong and commissioners. as jonas mentioned, these next few items are all wi-fi antenna items presented by at&t. they're all conditional use instruments. i'll go through and explain them. i just wanted to, i just wanted to point out a map in your packet showing the location of each of these items. 1101 fillmore, 1290 fillmore, and 1427 if ... fillmore, there is a wi-fi [speaker not understood]. 1101 fillmore street is a proposal from at&t located on the northwest corner of fillmore and golden gate avenue. it is a wi-fi facility proposed by at&t that consists of one wi-fi panel antenna, concealed in a dome on the rooftop of an existing residential and commercial use building. it is preference two co-location site. due to the location of three other carriers at this site, this location is within the nt-3 neighborhood commercial [speaker not understood] and 50 -x height and bulk district. the proposal before you is located at 1290 fillmore street. this is located at the southeast corner of fillmore and eddy. this facility would consist of five wi-fi pa
tomorrow. jonas at the amphitheater tomorrow from 5:00 a.m. until 7:00 a.m. >> catching alligators barehanded? time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked, would you consider buying a perfume specifically for your baby? >> it really is. >> that goes for dads, too. we will post more answers on our website, >> now weather and traffic together on the 1's. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. it is busy. a lot going on on the roads. a lot of flooding as well. we have some closures on york because of flooding. about on route 1 we have some debris blocking the right lane. several spots of fire activity in the city including on mosher. harford at louise. washington and monument, an accident. the outer loop is a little slow above security boulevard. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the weather is improving but it is still windy. any leftover sprinkles will be ending. it will feel like it is in the 20's and 30's because of the wind. windy on the east coast. sunshine in los angeles, 76. >> thank y
's john lloyd taylor. guitarist with the jonas brothers. here he is, performing with them, on "good morning america." ♪ i'm hot >> reporter: but at his peak, john tipped the scales at a whopping 360 pounds. >> we made a 3d movie at one point. it's 3d. and i'm this huge, 3d guy. and i'm thinking to myself, i'm going to look like a monster in this. i'm going to be scary. kids are going to cry in the movie theater when they see me. >> reporter: john just lost nearly half his body weight with the help and inspiration of his buff buddy, joe jonas. joe gently encouraged john to workout, eat right and just get healthy. >> joe's always doing push-ups. encouraging everybody else to do it, too. >> reporter: you and joe doing push-ups. >> before we go on stage. >> reporter: that's just not very rock 'n' roll. >> not at all. but feeling good and looking good on stage is. >> all right. joining us now on more with how you can meet your new year's goal to lose weight, get fit and strange your life, is the host of "extreme makeover: weight loss edition," and author of "choose to lose," chris powe
, thomas, and their two teens, jonas and claire. this year, the family has a shared resolution, to get in better shape. >> my goal is to stay in shape by continuously exercising. >> i want to work on my muscles. >> i want to lose 50 pounds, which is a very aggressive goal for the year. >> reporter: the singers say they have tried joining gyms unsuccessfully. >> they're getting very expensive. >> reporter: while they have exercise equipment of their own, the problem is, most is in the deep, dark basement. [ scream ] >> kind of cluttered. and it's really cold down there. >> there's a lot of spiders down there. >> reporter: what does this family need? >> we need a family gym. >> reporter: fortunately, we knew just who to call. hgtv kitchen cousins, anthony carino and john. >> the basement is scary. it is. >> reporter: the cousins were sizing up that basement. taking measurements, fielding requests. >> i'd like to have an open space where i can do more stretching and dancing type stuff. >> reporter: the cousins say there's keys. first, maximize available space. >> right now, downstairs the
smoking a bliznut. >> justin bieber. >> correct. stop sucking. >> lyndsay lohan. >> jonas brothers. >> they are unbelievably talented. i would have accepted the lakers or john travolta. >> we have to go. thanks for your time. >> apparently your resolution is to not listen to my whole quiz. go have fun having sex with a lot of american women. >> that was fantastic. >> thanks, buddy. >> i am serious. what did you take away from that? >> i need to supply my number to a lot more of these people. my new year's resolution is to have -- take big government out. it has been a rough year. >> it is time to take a break. otherwise we would talk to bill more. more stuff when we return. >>> last topic, is the lingerie football league no more? god we hope not. lonlingerie football leagues demand to know. the league says they are changing the name to the legends football league. the players would no longer compete while wearing lingerie. said a spokesman, this is the next step in the master because in the -- whoa there. maturation. i told myself several times to watch that. they have drawn great
street question as posse from "happy days." he is going the way of the jonas brothers and this is december spir ration -- desperation time if you ask me. >> is there an unwritten rule about not telling tales behind the scene? >> there is an unwritten rule, but this is not a bodyguard. this is a smart bodyguard. he should have hit himming bay, but she smart and let bieber hit him so he can siew. let's use the word hit. we are using it loosely. it was probably less of a hit and more of him climbing on him and going like this. and then holding him like this and then trying to swing at him, but he is too far away like a wb cartoon. >> will, let's get to something important. do you like bieber's new hair do? he comes it back now. >> i am totally ambivalent on it. actually indifferent is the word for it. going back to the bodyguard thing. >> there is the new hair do. >> i like it. >> i like. >> i like the bangs. >> it gives him a little height. >> what were you going say? >> who should really be upset about this? assume -- if it is extortion or not. this guy is exisraeli arm
of going after terrorists. the drone policy for example. bring in the panel on the way forward. jona goldberg. a.b. stoddard, associate editor of tannehill. indicateed columnist charles krauthammer. one thing overlooked by folks what a phrase that some picked up on, but not many. peace in our time. >> the whole foreign policy section such that it was, which could fit on a thimble for the most part you have to read body language rather than the language because it's sparse. one phrase, peace in your time. the summation. after being rolled by hitler, i brought us peace in our time. to use that phrase is historically tone deaf or ignorant, they didn't know what the ail yens of it was. they didn't know what it meant is vastly more troubling. context of dealing with iran a israel and stop iran getting the nuclear weapon, the idea of setting it out there to get peace in our time has got, tom ricks foreign policy said they were doing it to rattle benjamin netanyahu. it's so ignorant or so irresponse to believe use the phrase. it's synonymous with approach to foreign policy that leads aggres
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for the jonas brothers. >> i said maybe i should think about losing 150 pounds. >> see if he succeeded on "20/20." >> we just saw the graphic with "the are of rgiii." >> the jerseys are everywhere. rgiii is officially the rookie of the year candidate. he impressed from the start with his 88-yard touchdown pass to pierre garcon. he has continued to grow, 3200 yards this season, 20 touchdowns, more than 800 yards rushing, a redskins franchise record by rushing for a quarterback and a single season. alfred morris surpassed clinton portis as the franchise brushing it reckitt later. but-- rushing rookie leader. >> to accomplish some of the things i have accomplished is an honor and i cannot take for granted. so much more can be done. >> as big as rgiii is and will become, he will be the first to remind you he is just a military kid from a small town in texas. his family lives in the area now and has not missed a game yet. his parents give him a foundation, and a fee waivers, some good food. >> my parents have not changed, even though my situation has changed. they are still the same. my mom's sti
looked, they had a huge number of downloads now. they are really taking off. >> they're the next jonas brothers. >> you know, far east movement. i don't know if they have started yet, but if they have, i would like to hear a little bit. >> looks like they're starting up right now. >> all right, let's listen. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> much love to all the military families in the house tonight. we came to turn up the love. >> we are one ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, and we're breathing in the same air ♪ ♪ ♪ so turn up the love, turn up the love. we turn up the love. >> turn it up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hot tamale, we can't quit the party, super freaks ♪ ♪ ♪ so one, two, we are you, so ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> got to get more, i got nothing but love to give, turn it up, turn it up. >> stereo, i got nothing but love to give ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ tonight, and we're breathing in the same air ♪ ♪ ♪ so turn up the love. turn up the love. we're turning up the love. >> feel the love. >> tonight, and we're breathing in the same air, so turn up the love, turn up the love ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ we're turni
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 59 (some duplicates have been removed)